More World Cup Pain For Hosts Brazil. Thrashed 3-0 by Netherlands for 3rd Place

wc-3rdIts goes from bad to worse for host nation Brazil who have now conceded 10 goals in their last 2 games. The nations capital was the scene for Brazil’s world cup wake after the hiding they received from their semi final game against Germany.

An early defensive lapse was the painful memories of that fateful game resurface. With less than 2 minutes on the clock Brazilian defender Silva appeared to make initial contact outside the box on Dutch forward Arjen Roben who went down. Silva was extremely lucky to stay on the field as it definitely looked like a send off offense. The resulting penalty saw the Dutch go 1 up as Van Persie put away the spot kick to put the Dutch ahead.

Within 16 minutes, Brazilian defender David Luiz, and the host nations nightmare continued as he failed to clear a cross, the end result was a second dutch goal as the ball found an unmarked player with no defenders in sight.

Brazil rallied and pushed forward looking for some inspiration and had some chances leading into the break, a sign that they may be finding some form. But the raids led to nothing with Brazil dominant but without luck as both teams entered the break with the Dutch leading 2-0.

The dutch team remained reolute through the second half and finished the match off with their 3rd goal on the stroke of fulltime. The Dutch thoroughly deserved their 3rd place finish in this years cup after putting on a great show.

Embarrassment again for Brazil who have now lost consecutive matches at home for the first time since 1940 and in the process conceding an amazing 10 goals in the process while only scoring one.

The result may give hope to other teams now and show that Brazil indeed can be beaten. For Full video highlights visit the official Fifa Page :


Angels Lead Singer Doc Neeson Dies After Battling Cancer

BREAKING NEWS : 04/06/2014

Doc Neeson has died after battling with cancer. The 67 year old was the lead singer of legendary Australian Rock band, The Angels. Neeson was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer last year and had been undergoing intensive radiation and chemotherapy.

Originally born in Belfast, Bernard Patrick “Doc” Neeson emigrated to Adelaide when he was just 13 years old. Today is a sad loss for the Neeson family and we offer them our condolences for their loss. The man was a true legend of the Australian Rock scene and his legend will live on in our heart.

Video Courtesy Channel 9

Tiger Woods Withdraws From US Open 2014

Tiger Woods has announced that he is not playing in the US Open next month as he is still recovering from back surgery. He was cleared to lightly chip and put over a week ago, but announced on his website that he would forego playing in competition to continue with his rehab.

This will be the third time that Tiger has missed two majors in a row in a single year, and only the second time that he will miss the US open in his entire career.

The US Open is due to begin on June 12th 2014 and Tiger has opened up the field so get ready for possibly another longshot to take the win.


Australia Prepares For Budget – Bad News Ahead

Australia’s Bad News Budget – May 13th 2014

The prime minister and treasurer are relying on infrastructure spending and the appeal to the national interest to sell what could be the toughest Federal Budget in almost 2 decades.

Treasurer Joe Hockey will release the details of the budget tonight (13th May 2014), although many of the contentious issues are already known.

Video Courtesy of Channel Seven News. Visit Channel 7 Website for full story

Hunter study discovers chronic cough treatment

Hunter study discovers chronic cough treatment

  • Source: Newcastle Herald
  • Published: 27 Aug 2012
  • Category: Pharmaceutical
  • Rating: (3½ stars)

What They Said:

A MEDICATION designed for pain and epilepsy has potential benefits for sufferers of often-untreatable chronic cough, a Hunter study has found. The original article can be found at:

What We Said:

This is a good story on a new treatment for chronic cough. Treating chronic cough could be seen as disease mongering (where sickness – and a treatment – is marketed to as large a population as possible). This doesn’t mean that chronic cough isn’t a problem for some people (it is) or that there is something wrong with the research (it’s a high level of evidence).

The press releases for this story erred on the side of ‘disease mongering’ by referring to the size of the potentially affected population and the possibility of including the drug in treatment guidelines. The story remained objective by informing readers of the downside of the findings eg the treatment benefits only last while taking the tablets and that research is being done on other drugs with better side effect profiles.

The story didn’t say whether the drug is approved in Australia for this condition and there was no independent comment.